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MEIFUTE was established in 1999,and always focuses onthe exploration and

innovation for prevention and treatment of environmentalpollution

and resource utilization.

Aftermore than 20 years' development, the group has grown into a

state-levelhigh-tech enterprise with technology R &D, core equipment manufacturing,consulting and design, engineering construction, investment

and operation.

MEIFUTEhas four core subsidiary companies, membrane technology company,   environmental management companywater management company, Investment managementcompany.

Atthe same time, Meifute have more than ten subsidiaries inChina, and have

established branches in abroad.

Special Membrane base

Meifute has built thelargest special membrane R&D and production base in Chengduenvironmental   and protection industrialpark, it covers an area of 50000square meters,with 40000 square meters development workshop,8000 square meters of scientificexperiment building, 3 automatic membraneproduction lines.


Our offices

Branches in China


1.Chengdu Meifute Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

2.Sichuan Meifute Environmental   Management   Co., Ltd.

3.Sichuan Meifute Eco-technology Co., Ltd.

4.Chengdu Meifute Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

5.Inner Mongolia Yungu Water Management Co., Ltd.

6.Hebei Shangdu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

7.Guangzhou Meifute Environmental Governance Co., Ltd.




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